Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing is a multi-step process by what a slab of concrete is brought to a smooth and reflective finish. Concrete polishing has significant advantages over other floor coverings. Because it is not a coating there is nothing to peel from the floor.  Concrete polishing is a multi-step process by what a slab of concrete is strengthened and brought to a smooth and reflective finish. The process is achieved by grinding and....

polishing the surface with diamond impregnated pads of increasingly finer grits. We use a machine known as a planetary grinder. A planetary grinder has multiple grinding  heads rotating in different directions to aid in creating an even finish. During the polishing process a chemical known as a concrete densifier is applied to the surface to further harden and dustproof the surface. Concrete densifiers react with the soluble calcium compounds in the cement to create insolubale calcium silicates. What this does is fill in many of the pores in the concrete creating a surface with much greater hardness and stain resistance.
 Another important advantage of polished concrete is that these floors allow moisture transmission which is a comon cause of failure in floor coatings.


Concrete Dyes

                               Polished Concrete

If a more decorative look is desired the concrete can be dyed during the polishing process. Concrete Dyes are transparent and the resulting color is a unique combination of the dye and the natural color of the concrete. The concrete dyes used in the poishing process are penetrating dyes that do not form a coating that can peel from the surface like paint or acrylic stains.

                                Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

Another custom look that can be acheved is that of exposed aggregate. This is acheived by grinding the concrete more aggressively and exposing the rock aggregate witihin the concrete slab.  This look is similar to that of terrazzo only is far more economical.

Concrete Polishing Advantages 

  • Durability - The process results in a very dense and abrasion resistant surface
  • No Delamination - There is no coating that can peel from the surface
  • Less Down Time - No curing period required after completion
  • Slip resistance - Although smooth, polished concrete provides excellent slip resistance
  • Attractiveness - A beautiful custom look without a custom price tag
  • Breathable - Polished concrete allows for vapor transmission unlike epoxy
  • Maintenance - Normal cleanings with floor machine or mop, no waxing required

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